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Jackie Burchett
This time last year our liver & white Springer, Molly, was pregnant to Rebus and in late May 2015 gave birth to nine gorgeous, healthy, lively pups; five black & white, four liver & white, five boys, four girls. Rebus was a keen and kindly stud. The pups went off to their new homes and we kept the liver & white girl and called her Ida. Nearly a year old now, Ida is a delight; compact, wiry, fit, active, healthy, with a lively, affectionate and confident temperament. Nothing seems to faze her, she's happy, curious and alert to all possibilities and, like her dad, loves to jump.  
Sue Cupitt

Having thought long and hard about having a Springer Spaniel, we contacted Vicky Payne about a very special puppy she had, a little boy we have since called Fynn, he is strong willed and strong in body. But he has been an absolute pleasure to own, train and love. He has no hang up's whatsoever and fits in wherever we are. He is very robust and agile, great with my Grand daughter and other dogs. He is an intuative hunter and can be called off deer and rabbits with one blow of the whistle. So as an all round dog he is exceptional. I know I am biased as he is my dog, but we have had many compliments about his temperament and obedience."