Sussexoak Cluedo By Quincegrove (Cluedo)

Born 22nd April 2018

Cluedo is now a fully fledged member of our gundog team. He is used regularly for dogging-in, picking up, and beating.

Covid-19 has sadly curtailed most competitions this year, but Cluedo has been awarded the Kennel Club Working Gundog Certificate on Dummies.

He was awarded 3rd place in Meon Valley Working Spaniel Club's cold game test.

Cluedo is not afraid of cover and seeks out thick brambles to hunt. He has the loveliest nature and is enthusiastic about everything he does.

Cluedo is health tested beyond the KC ABS requirements and recommendations.

He is offered at stud with a sliding fee scale depending on the level of health testing of the bitch. Cluedo has has a successful summer as a stud dog with four healthy litters delivered. His semen has been assessed with excellent numbers, motility, and morphology and frozen semen is available.

Streamside’s Ladybird Quincegrove (Gadget)

Born 25th April 2018

Gadget joined Quincegrove from Norway as a puppy. Her pedigree combines the best of UK, Irish, and European Springer breeding.

Gadget is a stylish hunter and gentle retriever who is now a regular member of the beating, picking up, and dogging-in team. She has an excellent off switch and is steady no matter how busy a drive is.

Covid-19 has reduced competition opportunities this year but Gadget completed a trial in December '19 with encouraging comments from the judges, and was awarded 1st place in Meon Valley Working Spaniel Club's cold game test. She has also gained her Kennel Club Working Gundog Certificate on Dummies.

Gadget is our first dog for some time who has been able to compete in the Gamekeeper's Classes at Crufts as she is undocked. She may have stood alone in her class, but she showed so well we think her 1st place was fully deserved!

Gadget is fully health tested beyond KC ABS requirements.

Quincegrove’s Little Secret (Secret)

Born 13th June 2014

Secret is an exciting, stylish hunter and a soft mouthed retriever and has carved out a place for herself in my beating and picking up team.

Secret also enjoys agility and we had started to enter competitions before Covid.

She has been fully health tested with great results, but unfortunately had to be neutered without having a litter.

Litter eye screening clear, Eyes Clear (inc gonio) 2015, AMS, Fuco, PRA (cord 1), and PFK DNA hereditary clear, Hips 5:3, elbows 0.

Rumour Has It for Quincegrove (Rumer)

Born 14th June 2011

Rumer has been a real pleasure to train. She has real drive and pace but can switch off when required.

She exceeded all our expectations by winning a Novice Field trial and gaining awards as high as 3rd place in Open Trials. She also has her Working Gundog certificate on Game and Working and Water Test Awards.

Rumer is now retired from competition and has proven to be a very reliable beating and picking up dog. She has showed skill and determination on hard runners and retrieves from land and water.

Rumer was chosen to join our kennel after many years of watching her dam and extended family working and competing. She has raised two fantastic litters and we have kept a puppy from each. She has now been neutered.

Hips 6:4, Elbows 0, Eyes clear (inc gonio) 2016, AMS, Fuco, PRA (cord 1), and PFK DNA clear.

Knots and Crosses by Quincegrove (Rebus)

Born 23rd September 2007

At 13 years old Rebus is now retired from working and stud duties. He continues to be very fit and active, he enjoys training, beach walks, and occasional dogging-in.

He is a good looking, medium sized springer. Black and white but carries liver. Rebus has had an excellent summer at stud siring two litters. His pups have been good looking, easily trained dogs.

Rebus has had awards in working tests, has placed and won at water tests and entered field trials as well as beating and rough shooting.

Fully health tested; eyes clear 2020, gonioscopy PLA grade 1, hips 3:3, Clear by parentage for Fucosidosis, DNA clear for Phosphofructokinase deficiency, AMS, and PRA cord-1 mutation.

Everlasting Spirit (Quincy)

Born 14th August 2003

Died : 4th March 2020

We said our final goodbyes to Quincy in March 2020 at the grand old age of 16 1/2.

It was a privilege to share such a long time with him, and it is a comfort to know he lives on in his many puppies, grandpuppies, and beyond. His son Rebus and his grandaughter Secret do thingsthat remind us of every day.

Quincy has done a bit of everything; beating, roughshooting, fun agility, obedience training and Dash 'n' Splash. He has also been to Crufts and had several placings in the Working Gundog class in the BASC ring. After a 4 year absence we decided he should have one last day out at Crufts and were delighted that he was awarded First Place in the Working Gundog Class for English Springer Dogs!

Not a bad result for an 11 1/2 year old dog who had just completed another season of beating and dogging in. Quincy retired from gundog work at 13 and enjoyed life on the sofa.

A large, handsome liver and white dog Quincy also carried the gene to produce striking tri-colour pups. Quincy was hip scored (5:3) and eye tested including gonioscopy. He was DNA clear for Fucosidosis, PFK and PRA cord-1.

Quincegrove Life on Mars (Mars)

Born 30th June 2016

Died : 25th April 2015

Our perfect boy Mars was sadly killed in a road accident leaving a huge hole in both our hearts and our kennel.

Mars was a larger stamp of working springer with a wonderful laid back attitude to life, but drive and style when hunting.

He completed a field trial at 18 months old with several flushes and retrieves, and represented Leconfield Working Spaniel Club in the Skinners Interclub competition.

Mars sired two fantastic litters.

Mars was Fully Health Tested; Hips 4:6, Elbows 0, KC/BVA eye test pass including gonioscopy (grade 0), DNA clear Fuco, PRA Cord-1, PFK, and AMS.

His memory lives on in his son Cluedo (Sussexoak Cluedo by Quincegrove) who reminds us of Mars every day.