Knots and Crosses by Quincegrove (Rebus)

Born 23/9/2007

Medium sized, well marked working dog. An excellent swimmer and tireless worker. Rebus is an in demand beating and picking up dog, working several times a week during the season. Rebus has Working Test and Water Test awards and the Kennel Club Working Gundog Certificate. We are lucky enough to see several of his offspring who are biddable workers with natural talent. Hips 3:3, eyes (inc goino) clear 2017, AMS, Fuco, PRA (cord 1), and PFK DNA clear.

Quincegrove Life on Mars (Mars)

Born 30/06/2016

Died : 25/04/2018

Tragically our perfect boy Mars was run over and killed. We miss him terribly. Mars was a larger stamp of working springer with a wonderful laid back attitude to life, but drive and style when hunting. He completed a field trial at 18 months old with several flushes and retrieves, and showed real promise. Mars sired several litters, and we miss him terribly.

Rumour Has It for Quincegrove (Rumer)

Born 14/6/2011

A solid, medium sized working bitch. Rumer was bought to join our working team, after having a go a field trials. She has exceeded our wildest dreams by winning an Novice Field Trial and gaining awards in Open Trials. She is now a valuable member of my beating and picking up dog. She produced 2 lovely litters, and we have kept a pup from each. Hips 6:4, Elbows 0, Eyes clear (inc gonio) 2016, AMS, Fuco, PRA (cord 1), and PFK DNA clear.

Quincegrove’s Little Secret (Secret)

Born 13/6/14

Our first homebred pup and a very exciting worker. Secret has shown natural retrieving and hunting talent from an early age. She now works regularly on several shoots, and has working test and water test awards. Litter eye screening clear, Eyes Clear (inc gonio) 2015, AMS, Fuco, PRA (cord 1), and PFK DNA hereditary clear, Hips 5:3, elbows 0.

Everlasting Spirit (Quincy)

Born 14/8/2003

Quincy has now retired from stud and gundog work, after 11 years of faithful service. He is the foundation of our kennel. He has the traditional stamp of working dog. A regular scurry winner in his youth, and he also enjoyed obedience and agility as well as a regular beating dog. In March 2015, Quincy won the Crufts Working English Springer Dog class. Hips 3:5, eyes clear (inc gonio) up to 2013, Fuco, PRA (cord 1 ), and PFK DNA clear.